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CiAN File Splitter is a great compression tool with can split huge system and utility files of any size. If you have ever downloaded a file which is too big to be moved onto your USB stick, the use CiAN File Splitter to break it up into a number of smaller files, and take it home one piece at a time. This is a useful application for archiving any number of large email files, or downloads which cannot sit on the server any longer. A command line interface is also supported with CiAN File Splitter.

CiAN File Splitter - Info

CiAN File Splitter 3.30 Pro is a comprehensive splitter and joiner that's designed to split your huge files and rejoin without having this software installed on the destination PC. Features include Compression (Winzip Compatible), password protection on distributable files, CRC32, command line capabilities, fully integrated Ms Windows Explorer, performance adjustement selector and more.


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