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Anti-spyware applications are a tough nut to crack. Either they slow down all your systems and utilities and keep your PC spyware clean, or it is not powerful enough and nasty spyware sneaks in. Well no more with 1Click Spyclean. This essential download has top-notch algorithms for detecting even the toughest spywares. Both Adware and Spyware stand no match for the 1Click Spyclean application. As soon as a potential threat is found, 1Click Spyclean will quarantine, remove or restore the selected data, all per your directions.

1Click Spyclean - Info

1 Click Spy Clean protects your computer by detecting and removing different kinds of adware, spyware and many other types of computer malware that represent a great threat to your environment and security. It uses top notch detection algorithms and is based on the work of the best programmers and malware analysts. Features such as deep scanning sustained by a constantly updated detection database assure that every bit of your data is protected and remains protected for secure and safe usage. The scanner detects the adware and spyware present on the market today and is a real fast and secure solution to the threats that are in the wild. Every spyware file is quarantined to a safe place on your system and will be held securely until you decide if to permanently delete or restore the selected data. Spyware is scanned for and removed without damage to other programs present on your computer and the active memory shield is the perfect solution for spies that attempt to run in memory, while adware, cookie-blocking and homepage protection ensure that your browsing sessions are of the best quality and are safer than any time before. As most common world wide web users, after maximum thirty minutes of webpage displaying and installing items such as browser uncertified helper objects or “free” screensaver downloads you are probably monitored by some form of spyware that gathers information such as visited webpages and personal marketing interests, sending such private data to unauthorised addresses on the Internet, resulting in a personal privacy loss and private information exposure. This can generate in a wave of spam targeting your private email addresses and offering either different “products” that they offer for sale or other links that lead to infected files stored on either compromised user machines or private malicious servers. Constant updates of the detection database and continuous research of spyware threats makes it safe for 1 Click Spy Clean users.


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