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Games » Sport | 1 2 3 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 9.02 | Created by BigPower Software Inc.

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Kingthon Sports Games is a topnotch shareware game, offering a wealth of fun sporting activities that are good for a few hours of light entertainment. It is worth noting that these are by no means simulations, far from it in fact, but while the games remain simple and arcade-like in nature, this doesnÂ’t detract from the fun factor, and even serves to widen the overall appeal. The strength of Kingthon Sports Games lies not in the quality, but rather in the wide variety on offer. You can choose between racing, golf, archery, tennis, football and many more, and while each one on its own may not be particularly impressive, collectively they make an exceptional package well worth the purchase. With cute, colourful graphics and simplistic control structure, Kingthon Sports Games is very accessible, making it perfect for quick, intense gaming sessions to break up the monotony of your day. All in all, this one comes highly recommended.

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Kingthon Sports Games is a big collection of funny sports' games. It includes hundreds of exciting sports games, such as football games, basketball games, bike games, tennis games, skate games, mini pool games, bowman games, golf games, fishing games, racing games and so on.


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Operating System(s): CPU: >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU

Size: 9.02

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