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Games » Puzzle | 1 2 3 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 9.96 | Created by BigPower Software Inc.

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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Kingthon Puzzle Games is the perfect solution for any puzzle fanatic as it features a vast array of small, classic puzzle games. Titles on offer include such cult classics as mine sweeper and Tetris as well as newer games such as Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, making Kingthon Puzzle Games perfect for the whole family. Controls for each game are incredibly simple and switching between games is also no great challenge, so the user friendly factor certainly counts in the titles favour. While no game springs to mind as being exceptional on its own, the combination of them all makes Kingthon Puzzle Games a very attractive package, especially considering that it is free.

Kingthon Puzzle Games - Info

Kingthon Puzzle Games is a big collection of nice puzzle games. It includes hundreds of popular puzzle games, such as classic tetris, mine sweeper, orbox, elf balls, hunga hatch, fruit smash, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles and more.


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Operating System(s): CPU: >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU

Size: 9.96

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