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Clip Fetcher is the ultimate download manager of images and multimedia files for your internet/network. Use Clip Fetcher to find any file you require, and with an easy display or preview option for your chosen file, you will have an easy time finding the image you need. This is the perfect way to find images off the internet which you have been searching in vain for. Download/upload speeds are pleasantly fast and the software has a neat interface which makes finding any file a real pleasure.

Clip Fetcher - Info

ClipFetcher make it easy and fast to download any sequenced file from the internet. Customize download of pictures sequences (any format jpg,gif,tiff,png,bmp etc) or download sequences of movie clips (any format mpg, avi, etc)
Feature Highlights:
Download any sequence or single file of any type!
Picture Sequences - jpg, png, gif, tiff - any format is supported!
Movie or Videos - wmv, mpg, avi, qt, gp3 - again any format!
Documents sequences - pdf, xml, doc, xls - any format!
Music file sequences - podcast, mp3, ogg, wav, wmv - any format!
Support for command line execution including multiple downloads and post processings!
Run ClipFetcher using configuration file from the command line!
Start downloads automatically with or without post processing!
Join clips, thumbnail or watermark images using any software utility!
Up to 9 concurrent downloads!
Edit Screen for long urls or advanced post processing command lines!
In Grid editting for easy selection and changes!
Save and Load full configuration in a single config file!
Run Many Instances of ClipFetcher each with it's own config file! Massive concurrent Downloading!
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Operating System(s): Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista

Size: 0.53MB

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