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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

While chats are freely available on the internet, CheatBook DataBase 2003 is still a highly worthwhile tool as it allows you to store and organize cheats for thousands of games with considerable ease. The fact that regular updates featuring all the new cheats are easily available make the application that much more attractive. It is very easy to use and certainly comes in handy when dealing with cheats for a large number of games. From regular cheaters to the gamer who needs some occasional “help”, CheatBook DataBase 2003 is a terrific resource and is well worth the download.

CheatBook DataBase 2003 - Info

CheatBook DataBase is a brilliant program. It has cheats and hints for thousands of games. Any game you can think of is in here.

There are often updates available for this program.

If you are into gaming and like some help everynow and then this will stop you form ever having to search for cheats on the internet again.


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