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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

This is a DOS based version of Monopoly. The Graphics were pleasing enough, in a rudimentary sort of way, there was no sound on my version (DOS games always have these types of issues when running through windows) and the controls worked well enough. Up to 4 players can compete at once, ensuring for a fast paced game. It also moves very, very quickly (another issues with DOS games).
There are better Windows based versions of Monopoly, but if your pc is too slow for this, or you are looking to load some old school gaming onto your pc, then you can't do worse with this version of Monopoly.

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Everybody's favorite board game now comes to your PC in this freeware remake. Monopoly features good CPU players and nice clean graphics. These two factors together make it a pretty game, my only complaint has to be that it's DOS based, a Windows version would be really great.

The games interface is a bit annoying at times but besides that itÂ’s a good game.


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