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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Chess is… Chess? This is a very unimaginative and poorly designed version of the much loved board game. The graphics are, awful. The sound is a collection of bleeps and blips. There is no animation as you move your pieces and there is very little variant in the game itself. No Challenge matches or world Tournaments, for example.
A much better idea would be to ignore this completely and whip out the dusty old chess board for a real game. This Chess is a mess.

Chess - Info

A chess game with multiple levels of AI to challenge all chess players, from beginners, all the way to advanced. There is even an option to play online if you don’t feel like playing against a hard, cold machine all the time.

The only way you won't like this game is if you are not a fan of chess, for the rest of you: Get downloading.


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