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XP-AntiSpy is a boon to some, and a bane to windows. XP-AntiSpy uses its system tools and utilities to turn off irritating aspects of Windows. Such as when XP sneakily sends your crash information to its database, or when Messenger opening automatically whenever the Outlooks toolset loads. XP-AntiSpy is a great utility and will turn off many of the auto-load tools that cause you grief.

XP-AntiSpy - Info

Windows XP has a lot of annoying little things that we wish we could turn off. with XP-AntiSpy.

With XP-AntiSpy, you can stop all sending of information accross the internet and turn off little things that bug you about Windows XP eg. MSN Messenger opening every time you open Outlook or that (send or dont send) block that pops up when a program stops responding.

Best of all, this program is very, very tiny.

XP-AntiSpy is available in English, Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Deutsch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.


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