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Very similar to every other puzzle game in existence, Color Mosaic tasks you to complete a selection of ever-increasing puzzles, with the emphasis on matching colours in accordance to their drop statuses. In Color Mosaic, the pieces come quickly so it is an imperative that you complete each section without hesitation. Color Mosaic is the perfect download for those of us who love logical thinking games, so grab it today and begin matching colours!

Color Mosaic - Info

Easy to learn and fun to play puzzle game. Similar to Tetris in that you are trying to combine all the different pieces together to fill the selected picture. You need to be quick and accurate in placing tetris-pieces, when you successfully complete fill the picture you win!
Full version of the game has more then 50 levels and 3 level of difficulty.
Great game for fans of logical thinking. Download and try now for free!


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Operating System(s): Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003

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