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Review by FileBEAST's DrNorris

LeapFTP is a strong choice over Bulletproof FTP or even CuteFTP. LeapFTP looks pretty smart and even a kid could get used to the interface. It simply is a breeze to use. LeapFTP is missing an auto-reconnect feature which could be irritating for users who need to download massive files, however it still gets my vote for useful app of the day.

LeapFTP - Info

LeapFTP is a simple and straightforward FTP client with no adware and plenty of useful features.

LeapFTP enables you to group your FTP sites into different folders and groups and with its easy to use GUI you can set up many different preferences to make FTP'ing a breeze. The only feature LeapFTP is missing is an auto reconnect and resume feature for slow/timing out/inactive transfers, other than that LeapFTP is still my number one choice in FTP clients.

Note: This version contains a very important security fix. Please upgrade if you are below version 2.7.4.


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