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Comm Operator is a powerful communication tool for serial port, TCP/IP and UDP. It can debug and test RS232 related devices. Auto send mechanics makes it a full functional RS232 device simulator. It includes features list below.

* Communicate with Serial Port, TCP/IP and UDP
* Send/receive data in Text, Hex and Decimal format
* Support sending a file
* Support specific panel for NCD relay boards
* Support terminal panel and RST/DTR control
* Support structured data and customized panel
* Send data repeatedly with specified interval automatically
* Send data automatically according to predefined rules
* Send large data in a seperate thread
* Support three types of build-in checksum
* Work with multiple send data list
* Create send data list from Text, Hex and Decimal files directly
* Copy and paste data between different list
* Drag and drop to open send data list directly
* Keep log file automatically
* Detect all available COM ports automatically
* Keep all settings for later use
* Create COP file with current setting and data list for free tool Comm Operator Pal.


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