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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

With MSN Messenger, Microsoft brought something different yet familiar to the fold. Chatting was un-unified, complicated to use and a drain on the system. The introduction of a cool, blue interface and breezy connectivity brought long time users of hotmail together and attracted a new base of users as well. Installation is quick and there is little to fault Msn Messenger. The interface is fantastically simple and with 100's of themes you can customize its appearance as well. Your pc should come with a copy installed already but if not, update your copy today with the latest version.

MSN Messenger - Info

MSN Messenger enables you to chat with multiple friends online, you can chat to one friend at a time of with multiple friends all in the same conversation.

MSN Messenger has some very useful features which most chat programs seem to lack.

Just some of these feature include,
-Notification when contacts com eonline.
-New emails in your Hotmail account.
-Starting Video/Audio conversations
-Emoticons, which you can to your friends will chatting.


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