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Audio tools are often looked over, as graphics are the number one priority with computers. Yet a powerful Audio application can produce amazing effects and music. Fruity Loops and Soundforge are two great applications to download, as they are initially easy to use and become progressively difficult as you learn to master them. Mp3’s can be spliced into these applications, creating fantastic new mixes and effects. Start practicing today and see where your Audio talents can take you.

A-one Video To Audio Convertor 1.23

A-one Video to Audio Convertor is a powerful tool for extracting audio samples from video files. Size: 5000 KB Path: Multimedia » Audio

A-one Video To Audio Convertor Free Download

Allok WMA MP3 Converter 1.0.2

Allok WMA MP3 Converter is a simple audio file converting utility. Size: 6533 KB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Allok WMA MP3 Converter Free Download

Ambience Pods - City 1.00.0

Take a long walk through a modern, bustling city, without any chance of being run over or mugged! Explore its various locations and eavesdrop on your fellow pedestrians. Size: 15.1MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Ambience Pods - City Free Download

Ambience Pods - City Park 1.00.0

You won't get much sleep in this busy city park, but you'll have lots of fun eavesdropping on your fellow human beings. Just watch out for that skateboarder ... the crazy loon! Size: 18.4MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Ambience Pods - City Park Free Download

Ambience Pods - Forest 1.00.0

Take a walk through this lush forest, rich in ambient sound. Hear the wind ripple through the trees, a wide variety of wild birds and gentle bubbling streams. Size: 14MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Ambience Pods - Forest Free Download

Ambience Pods - Ocean Waves 1.00.0

There's nothing like walking along a deserted beach, listening to the waves rolling in. Actually there is! This Ocean Waves Ambience Pod is pretty much spot on! Size: 13.9MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Ambience Pods - Ocean Waves Free Download

Ants iPhone Ringtone Maker 1.0

Ants iPhone Ringtone Maker is designed to convert audio files to .M4R format as iPhone rightone files. Make your own ringtones from popular video/audio files (AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, MKV, RM, MOV, MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG). Size: 1.88MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

Ants iPhone Ringtone Maker Free Download

AP Guitar Tuner

AP Guitar Tuner is a very basic tool for keeping your guitar in tune. Size: 2 MB Path: Multimedia » Audio

AP Guitar Tuner Free Download