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Once your coding is complete, you need to compile your information into an executable file, capable of being run on the platform of your choice. Many editors come with an included Compiler, but our separate compilers crunch code faster and allow precious system resources to be saved. Also download a debugging tool as well, to sift through the lines of code and search for those tiny errors you may not have caught.

Blade API Monitor

Blade API Monitor, a developer spy tool, can trace and log API and ActiveX interface with parameters. It can trace any exported functions of any DLLs, log all API call information, predefine 8000+ APIs' prototype, and it supports MAP PDB Files, etc. Size: 2.31MB Path: Programming | Development » Compile/Debug

Blade API Monitor Free Download

Java JRE 6 Update 3

Every PC should have Java JRE installed Size: 13.93 MB Path: Programming | Development » Compile/Debug

Java JRE Free Download

Java SDK

Java SDK is a comprehensive application for programming in Java. Size: 48.3 MB Path: Programming | Development » Compile/Debug

Java SDK Free Download


PHP is a versatile, multipurpose application designed for web development. Size: 7.5 MB Path: Programming | Development » Compile/Debug

PHP Free Download