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Compression applications shrink multiple files into one smaller file or series of smaller files for backup purposes. Tools such as Winrar, Winzip and PKzip are a few popular software choices that users make when choosing to compress their files. The process is fairly simple as well. Once installed, right clicking on a file or series of files will open the context menu and the compression option will be displayed. Remember, certain files [such as MP3’s] are already compressed in nature and a compression tool will not be able to effect the file size.

WinZip 12.1

Most popular Zip utility features AES encryption, multiple wizards, tight Windows integration, email support, Explorer-style view, JPEG compression, photo management and more. Choose Standard or Pro with image viewer and automated data backup. Size: 13.09MB Path: System and Utilities » Compression

WinZip Free Download

Winzip 9

The most popular compression utility for Windows Size: 2.26 MB Path: System and Utilities » Compression

Winzip 9 Free Download


ZipCentral is a free and easy to use zip file manager Size: 1.3 MB Path: System and Utilities » Compression

ZipCentral Free Download