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Puzzle games appeal to everyone. There is no age limit or game play barrier to these diverse titles. They reach a broad, causal audience but have the potential for long gaming sessions and intense high scoring. Tetris, Puzzle Fighter and Lumines mark a long line of fantastic puzzle games which have an infinite number of clones, yet the essential game play is still there. It's all about beating the high score or having just one more go on that tough board. Puzzle games are here to stay.

Aquacade 1.0.5

Aquacade 1.0.5 is a charming, colorful arcade puzzle game. Size: 5495 KB Path: Games » Puzzle

Aquacade Free Download

Asianata 1.0.9

Asianata 1.0.9 is a unique, interesting puzzle game with an oriental feel. Size: 5916 KB Path: Games » Puzzle

Asianata Free Download

Atlantis Quest 1

Quest for Atlantis in this classic style matching game with a dazzling new twist Size: 10240 KB Path: Games » Puzzle

Atlantis Quest Free Download

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles 1.82

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is an intellectually challenging game of logic and skill. Size: 0.65 MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles Free Download

Color Mosaic 1.01

Easy to learn and fun to play puzzle game. Similar to Tetris in that you are trying to combine all the different pieces together to fill the selected picture. Size: 0.5MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Color Mosaic Free Download

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose 2

1000 years ago, Sleeping Beauty was kissed by a prince, which removed a terrible curse from the kingdom. The rampant briars were held at bay, but the poor princess was left in her slumber. Size: 0.20MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose Free Download

Happier than you 1

In this game you are an inventor who tries to please people‚Äôs needs by making inventions, buying invention parts in the market, and making sure you are not making people hate eachother. Size: 17.81MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Happier than you Free Download

Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin 2

Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin - Download at Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel the magic, to command the power of nature or even to perform heroic deeds. Size: 0.20MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Hidden Mysteries: Lamp of Aladdin Free Download