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Puzzle games appeal to everyone. There is no age limit or game play barrier to these diverse titles. They reach a broad, causal audience but have the potential for long gaming sessions and intense high scoring. Tetris, Puzzle Fighter and Lumines mark a long line of fantastic puzzle games which have an infinite number of clones, yet the essential game play is still there. It's all about beating the high score or having just one more go on that tough board. Puzzle games are here to stay.

Imperial City: The Crown of the King 1.1

Search through the colonial grandeur of Petrópolis, Brazil for the Emperor’s Imperial Crown! After arriving as a tourist, you discover the royal crown has gone missing. Size: 80.00MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Imperial City: The Crown of the King Free Download

iSudoku 2.3.2

Not only a puzzle creator and solver, but a great tutor to help you quickly master sudoku skills. It can automatically generate five different levels of puzzles and supports a powerful hint system with two sets of techniques to help you when needed. Size: 3.74MB Path: Games » Puzzle

iSudoku Free Download

Jigetiser tm Africa 1 Package

Jigetiser tm Africa 1 Package is a great jigsaw puzzle application. Size: 1.85 Path: Games » Puzzle

Jigetiser tm Africa 1 Package Free Download

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 01/06/03

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite is a great, free puzzle building game. Size: 8854 KB Path: Games » Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite Free Download

Kingthon Puzzle Games 2.1

Kingthon Puzzle Games is a great collection of assorted puzzles games. Size: 9.96 Path: Games » Puzzle

Kingthon Puzzle Games Free Download

LogicArt 1.0

FUSION LogicArt is a very entertaining game in which you will have to discover the position of the color blocks that are hidden in the board. Size: 0.69MB Path: Games » Puzzle

LogicArt Free Download

MahJong Suite 2005 - Solitaire and Matching Games 2.12

MahJong Suite 2005 – Solitaire and Matching Games is an excellent collection of variations of the traditional puzzle game. Size: 5.47 Path: Games » Puzzle

MahJong Suite 2005 - Solitaire and Matching Games Free Download


Meeklits is an interesting, challenging puzzle game. Size: 3.57 MB Path: Games » Puzzle

Meeklits Free Download