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Screensavers used to serve a very useful function. On ancient, monochrome displays screensavers would prevent image burn in, wiping the text from the screen and saving on replacing monitors. Screensavers of are still multipurpose. They chiefly provide visual stimuli with dancing loops or flying toasters and secondly, they can be password enabled. This allows your screensaver to automatically kick in after a certain period of time, allowing only the person with knowledge of the password to access the computer.

12Ghosts ScrSavMan 9.51

Automate screen saver settings by shortcut, batch file, or scheduling. Change screen saver, stop it with a scheduler, start with password protection, set time-out, enable/disable, set/reset password protection, enter standby mode, change wallpaper. Size: 0.7MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

12Ghosts ScrSavMan Free Download

3D Aquatic Life Screensaver: Fish! 1.1.0

Watch an amazing new 3D screensaver. 38 extremely realistic fish, 8 unique landscapes, multitudes of corals, sea plants, submarine objects and other creatures. Adorn your desktop and vary your day by diving into the blue depths of the tropical sea! Size: 19.12MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

3D Aquatic Life Screensaver: Fish! Free Download

3D Winter Flight ScreenSaver 1.7

Find yourself hovering in Christmas paradise! Size: 3.25 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

3D Winter Flight ScreenSaver Free Download

Algo Bikini 1.0

24 images of women wearing bikinis Size: 1.3 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Algo Bikini 1.0 Free Download

Anna Kournikova Screensaver

A nice screensaver of Anna Kournikova Size: 1.82 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Anna Kournikova Screensaver Free Download

Aquarium Clock 3D Screensaver 1.0.0

You will be amazed at the serenity of this aquarium screensaver and the magic of its underwater life with gently swaying plants, playful fish, soothing movements of the waves on the water’s surface, and the amazing play of the light on the bottom. Size: 4.02MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Aquarium Clock 3D Screensaver Free Download

Britney Spears Screensaver

Many pictures of Britney Spears Size: 1.19 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Britney Spears Screensaver Free Download