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Screensavers used to serve a very useful function. On ancient, monochrome displays screensavers would prevent image burn in, wiping the text from the screen and saving on replacing monitors. Screensavers of are still multipurpose. They chiefly provide visual stimuli with dancing loops or flying toasters and secondly, they can be password enabled. This allows your screensaver to automatically kick in after a certain period of time, allowing only the person with knowledge of the password to access the computer.

Flower Clock 3D Screensaver 1

Enliven your screen with the beauty of spring flowers and gorgeous butterflies! Size: 4506 KB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Flower Clock 3D Screensaver Free Download

InfoClock Screensaver Christmas Edition 1.4.3

Screensaver which shows the full information about time and date. Size: 1046 KB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

InfoClock Screensaver Christmas Edition Free Download

Lighthouse 3D screensaver 1.2

Free your mind as you enter the charming world of the seaside! Size: 4506 KB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Lighthouse 3D screensaver Free Download

Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver

This extremely realistic 3D screensaver from turns your desktop into a very beautiful place with a majestic waterfall falling into a clear mountain lake. Size: 2.25MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Mountain Lake Waterfall Screensaver Free Download

Moving Clock Screensaver

Flying clocks across your screen. Size: 697 KB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Moving Clock Screensaver Free Download

Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver

The Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver will provide you with a bird's-eye view of amazing ocean scenes. You can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the distant tropics while listening to soothing sounds of ocean waves. Size: 1.19MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Sea Yacht Cruise 3D Screensaver Free Download

Shark Water World 3D Screensaver

This screensaver turns you desktop into a secret deepwater place where you can swim with aquatic inhabitants and explore the bottom of the underwater kingdom in search of its riches. Includes dual monitor support. Size: 2.24MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Shark Water World 3D Screensaver Free Download

Shrek 2 Screensaver

A nice shrek 2 (Puss in Boots) screensaver Size: 2.01 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Shrek 2 Screensaver Free Download