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Keyboard Key Logger

Keyboard tracker tool secretly tracks all keyboard activities including visited website, typed emails etc. Download Key logger program easily restores accidentally deleted internet records like user name, password with their date and time details. Size: 0.70MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keyboard Key Logger Free Download

Keyboard Keylogger Tool

Advance keylogeer software keeps track of all activities performed on the system in the absence of owner. Invisible surveillance tool captures every keyboard typed activities, visited applications and desktop screenshots at regular interval of time. Size: 1.71MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keyboard Keylogger Tool Free Download

Keylogger Spy Monitor 2009 7.12

Keylogger Spy Monitor spy software can secretly record all keystrokes typed on your PC. It runs invisibly. You can check logging reports by simply receiving emails or opening a web page. Set hotkey and protect it by password. Size: 3.4MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keylogger Spy Monitor 2009 Free Download

Keylogger Spy Software

Advance PC surveillance application save entire key press activities used for login, password, URL and documents in password protected log file. Keylogger software captures windows screenshots, voice chat messages, running program with date and time. Size: 1.88MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keylogger Spy Software Free Download


Keylogger records all computer activity and logs all information to check later what’s been done with the computer. Key logger Software easily logs in any application. Key Logger Software is enormous monitoring tool for home or office PC activities. Size: 0.76MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keyloggers Free Download

Keystroke Recorder

Freeware keyboard monitoring software is useful tool to record PC activities like typed text, chat session, browsed website etc. Keystroke recorder program saves all pressed keyboard key in hidden encrypted log file and sends it at specified mail ID. Size: 2.90MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keystroke Recorder Free Download

Keystrokes Capture Software

PC surveillance program covertly records pressed keyboard keys in password secured log file and sends it to email address mentioned by user. Keystrokes capture software is useful to keep track of activities done by guest users, employees on your PC. Size: 0.76MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Keystrokes Capture Software Free Download

Mac Spy Keylogger Software

By using advanced password security feature of Mac Spy Keylogger Software which is available at, to successfully safe configuration settings of installed programs from external or unauthorized user. Size: 0.97MB Path: Security » Surveillance

Mac Spy Keylogger Software Free Download