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Most people can spend hours tweaking the settings on their system until the optimal performance is gained. TweakUI is a popular tool, yet there are countless more to download and experiment with. System Tweaks are applied directly to the registry and the tweak applications themselves are basically a shell for direct registry editing [which is very difficult and time consuming to correctly tweak]. Download our system tweaks to push the performance of your system one step at a time.

12Ghosts Robo 9.51

At certain events (appearing of a Window, for example), let this helper respond on your behalf. Let it click a button, or start programs, for example 12-WinControl to position a window. Automate repeated tasks in Windows. It has never been easier. Size: 0.7MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

12Ghosts Robo Free Download

12Ghosts ShutDown 9.51

Shut down with one click or with one key stroke. Run scan disk and backup programs programs, daily or at certain days of the week. Just one click, then leave your computer and it will power-off automatically after all programs finished. Size: 0.7MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

12Ghosts ShutDown Free Download

12Ghosts Timer 9.51

12Ghosts Timer is an easy to use and powerful scheduler for starting applications or documents, or setting up reminders. Start once, countdown, recurring, or after logon. You can set the process priority and window size. Holiday support.Programmable. Size: 0.7MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

12Ghosts Timer Free Download

12Ghosts WinControl 9.51

Set the size and position of a window exactly and easily, close or terminate any window, by hotkey, batch file, or scheduler. Start and position windows that don't keep their position themselves. Or test your web page at 640x480, for example. Size: 0.7MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

12Ghosts WinControl Free Download


ActivIcons makes it simple to change properties for various icons on your Windows desktop Size: 1.99 MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

ActivIcons Free Download

Actual Window Decorations

Actual Tools is a brilliant application combining five of Actual Tools' Top award winning windows tool programs Size: 1.9 MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

Actual Window Decorations Free Download

AfflatusMind Macro Recorder 1.1.8

Deal with repetitive tasks, build presentations or tutorials. It can record actions of both mouse and keyboard, the record file can be edited and played. supports a lot of customed operations without need any program skills, can be compiled to a exe. Size: 3.55MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

AfflatusMind Macro Recorder Free Download

AutoClickExtreme 4.58

ACE is a smart, easy-to-use auto clicker and software testing tool. It records your actions automatically and replays them without mistakes. It finds images on the screen and performs the associated sequence of actions depending on the image found. Size: 1.91MB Path: System and Utilities » System Tweaks

AutoClickExtreme Free Download