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This category contains many programming tools to enhance your current programming application. Included are tools such as: Macros for faster programming, different UI’s which change the appearance of your programming tool and simple programming add-ons which change your complied application into a cross-platform executable. Try our programming tools and see what differences they make to your development.

InstallSimple PRO 2.0

Install Simple is a very compact and powerful utility to build your installation packages in seconds, instead of hours! Designed for anyone who distributes applications, data files, graphic images or whatever else you want to distribute! Size: 0.30MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

InstallSimple PRO Free Download

NeoBook Object Commander 2

Developed specifically for NeoBook developers, and written entirely with NeoBook, NeoBook Object Commander stores unlimited NeoBook objects with object properties and actions to use again in other projects. Size: 2.6MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

NeoBook Object Commander Free Download

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder 05/06/04

Powerful Windows application builder and multimedia authoring tool for creating utilities, interactive presentations, catalogs, newsletters, ebooks, training materials, etc. Built-in compiler creates stand-alone Windows exes. Royalty-free. Size: 9.62MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder Free Download

PHP Portal Builder

PHP Portal Builder great utility for managing portal websites. Size: 202 Bytes Path: Programming | Development » Tools

PHP Portal Builder Free Download

PromoSoft 1.85

PromoSoft is an easy to use, professional software promotional tool, which automates the process of promoting your programs on the Internet. It can automatically submit your software to over 750 download sites and archives within minutes. Size: 4.2MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

PromoSoft Free Download

QVCS 03/10/06

QVCS is an excellent programming resource with version control functionality. Size: 1820 KB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

QVCS Free Download

QVCS-Enterprise 01/02/10

QVCS Enterprise Edition is a version control application for multiple users. Size: 2.59 MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

QVCS-Enterprise Free Download


RTF-to-HTML DLL is a standalone DLL component for converting RTF files to HTML format. Size: 0.02 MB Path: Programming | Development » Tools

RTF-to-HTML DLL Free Download