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Numerous tools which defy categorisation are present in this category. If you need to measure your broadband usage, you will find it here. If you are looking for a tool to boost the speed of your dial-up connection, it will be available for download in this section. Many of these tools for the internet are most useful for gathering statistical information of your web usage and present you the opportunity to learn why you waste so much broadband every month.

GSA Address Completion 1.07

Fill the holes of your address data sets. This software will find missing e-mails, websites, phone and fax numbers to addresses you import. The results are very accurate. There are many options to fine tune the results of the address completion. Size: 7.22MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

GSA Address Completion Free Download

GSA Clip Spider 2.65

With this program you can download all the movie clips from a webserver automatically (with or without sublinks). It's very easy to use and gives you amazing results within seconds. This download manager searches all your favorit web links. Size: 4.29MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

GSA Clip Spider Free Download

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro 2.0.7

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro converts webpages to Word format with ease. Size: 0.78 MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

HTMLtoRTF Converter Pro Free Download

IE Accelerator 2.01

IE Accelerator claims to increase you browsing and download speeds. Size: 643 KB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

IE Accelerator 2.01 Free Download

iMetaSearch 2

A faster, smarter internet search tool with cutting-edge methods for indexing and clustering. iMetaSearch gathers the best results from the best search engines and then uses Latent Semantic Analysis to intelligently index and cluster results. Size: 1.91MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

iMetaSearch Free Download

Integard Home 1.5

Integard will protect your children from inappropriate internet content and possible contact from internet predators. A comprehensive set of features keep your kids safe and lets you control and supervise their use of the internet. Size: 4.16MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

Integard Home Free Download

Integard Professional 2.1

Integard Professional will monitor and control internet usage in your organization resulting in increased productivity saving time and money. Flexible deployment options allow Integard to be installed on a server, the desktop or both. Size: 4.44MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

Integard Professional Free Download

Internet Kiosk Pro 7.7

Internet kiosk public access PC software to restrict access to system; allow only certain applications and features such as Internet Explorer. Ideal for Internet cafes, public libraries, information terminals or kiosks. Size: 9.24MB Path: Internet | Network » Tools

Internet Kiosk Pro Free Download