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Themes Software Downloads

No one appreciates a drab desktop. Themes are used to change the visual appearance of a standard windows display. Theme software such as WindowsBlinds can even give your PC a ‘Vista’ like appearance without having to install this maligned operating system. Fool others and make them believe you are working on a Mac, or Linux even! There is no end to the changes one can make with Desktop Themes. Install a few packages from our selection and change the way you see your computer.

Wallpapers Software Downloads

There is nothing like a fresh Wallpaper to spruce up your windows Desktop. Adding a picture of a serene forest or space vista truly makes one feel as if the day is melting away. Other then the obvious pictures to install, there are themed downloads of animals, nature and fantasy settings to test out. Let this category of fresh wallpapers invigorate your desktop, adding that visual stimuli it so desperately needs.

Screensavers Software Downloads

Screensavers used to serve a very useful function. On ancient, monochrome displays screensavers would prevent image burn in, wiping the text from the screen and saving on replacing monitors. Screensavers of are still multipurpose. They chiefly provide visual stimuli with dancing loops or flying toasters and secondly, they can be password enabled. This allows your screensaver to automatically kick in after a certain period of time, allowing only the person with knowledge of the password to access the computer.

Misc & Personal Software Downloads

All the other software for cataloguing or personalising your desktop is included in this application category. We have included the best of rest for your downloading pleasure. Desktop fortune tellers, pranks, e-cards and more make up the bulk of this category. There is even a personal diary included, which lets you password protect your entries so that only you may have access. If you are searching for a strange and unusual application, it may be in this category.

Tools Software Downloads

Tools for your desktop shell.