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Action games are fantastic. Having evolved from mindless blasting and destruction, the modern action game is filled exciting game play and fantastic graphics. We have only the finest action games included in our category for download and every one of them will test your skills plus your hand to eye coordination. Download our action games now and test your ability on some of the best games ever made for your computer.

Arcade Games Downloads

Nothing beats an Arcade game for pure, mindless enjoyment. Story rarely matters, only the destruction of ship after ship, or a karate kick to your opponents face. Street Fighter 2, Raiden and Outrun are classic examples of the very best arcade titles. The evolution of technology means that yesterdays classics look and run even better on your computer and no coins are needed once the dreaded 'Game Over' flashes on your screen.

Adventure Games Downloads

Adventure games reached their zenith in the 80’s and the 90’s. Before 3D graphics became prominent, they best and only way to interact with your environment was with a simple mouse click and Adventure games used this to their full advantage. Filled with mind-bending puzzles and soothing graphics, Adventure games are a fantastic way to challenge parts of your mind you have not utilised for a while. Download a few adventure titles today and see how much the genre has changed.

Puzzle Games Downloads

Puzzle games appeal to everyone. There is no age limit or game play barrier to these diverse titles. They reach a broad, causal audience but have the potential for long gaming sessions and intense high scoring. Tetris, Puzzle Fighter and Lumines mark a long line of fantastic puzzle games which have an infinite number of clones, yet the essential game play is still there. It's all about beating the high score or having just one more go on that tough board. Puzzle games are here to stay.

Cheats Games Downloads

Admittedly, not all of us are gaming masters. Some need a little assistance to get them through a tough level or even to complete the game entirely. This is where cheats come in. With a cheat system active, your character becomes immune to death and levels are skipped easily without any major repercussions. Be careful though, only cheat at a game when it is your last resort, as completing it without cheats would be a major accomplishment.

Board Games Downloads

Many fantastic board games for the computer are compiled in this category. Favourites such as monopoly, risk and chess make for an excellent download and a great way to relax with the entire family. Take a break from fast paced action games and add a few of these classic titles to your software collection. The best part is that you will not have to worry about packing away the pieces one the game is complete.

Sport Games Downloads

Sporting games have always been the top selling titles for any system. The appeal to a mass audience and have uncomplicated yet deep controls and game play which slowly draws you in as the game progresses. FIFA, Madden, ISS Pro Soccer and more make up an incredibly varied category of Sports titles which have the potential to amuse you for months and months. The perfect amount of time before the inevitable yearly update rolls around.

Simulation Games Downloads

A simulation title is when you assume complete control over every aspect of your games character or surroundings. Titles such as The Sims, Microsoft flight simulator and Animal crossing are all great examples of classic simulation titles which let you control the minute details of every game play phase. Much concentration is needed to keep the game running smoothly as there will be many things needing your attention throughout the game. Sit back and get sucked into our simulation titles.

Mods Games Downloads

A game mod alters the experience or game play of your favourite game. These usually come in the forms of plug-ins and will require the original game in order to function correctly. Famous mod’s include Counterstrike, an add-on to Half-life which turns ordinary multiplayer into a fantastic team-based strategy game where every player on the team is an essential piece of the unit. Enhance the life of your favourite title and download one of our Mod's today.

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