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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

From the birth of the modern internet [beginning of the 90's], mIRC was there. With its minimalist interface and endless chat options, mIRC dominated all that opposed it. Others such as Pirch and Wirc tried to overthrow its thrown but mIRC stuck to its guns and emerged the victor. There are literally limitless chat rooms to join and millions of users to speak with both with voice and web cam if you wish. You can try others, but you will always come back to mIRC.

mIRC - Info

mIRC is the worlds most popular Internet Relay Chat client for windows.

Internet Relay Chat allows you to speak in an open "channel" (room) with as many users that join or privately (one on one) in a query.

mIRC is not only a chat client but can also be used for file transfer and can even be set up as a file server. mIRC also has support for scripting so you can personalize it to your specification or download one of the thousands of mIRC scripts available on the internet.

With its easy to use, non resouce hungry GUI, mIRC 6.16 is, in our opinion, the best windows chat client. Download now and connect with the world!


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