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A perfect game can be played for hours, days and weeks or just enjoyed for 5 minutes at a time. Icy Tower is one of those games. You control a mini gangster (what he is doing in the frozen wastes, who knows) hopping from ledge to ledge, hoping to reach the top of the screen. Combo points are awarded when you clear two ledges in a row without being knocked off by enemies and a high score is awarded based on your progress. Icy Tower looks like a well-done arcade game from the 90's and plays just as well. I was pleasantly surprised with Icy Tower. Don't give this one a miss.

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When it comes to fast, fun arcade action nothing beats Icy Tower. It scores in all sections: original and addictive gameplay, great audio and very professional graphics.

The aim of Icy Tower is simple; you have to jump up a tower from ledge to ledge without falling off the bottom of the screen. If you clear more that 2 floors at least twice in a row you will get bonus score for a combo. The bigger your combo the more of a bonus you will get. These combos are what earn you really big scores and getting them is what makes Icy Tower so addictive.

Icy Tower is just one of those games that should be installed on each and every computer. Don’t make the mistake of not downloading this game.


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