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WinAce is one of the premier compression tools available today. This is the little brother of both WinAce and WinZip, but makes up for it by being a lean, mean compression machine. Use WinAce to compress all of your favourite systems and utilities, in no time at all. The interface is slightly retrograde, but it is made up for it by ensuring that your most important files are safely archived in a very short amount of time. Download WinAce today and start compressing your favourite files.

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A compression tool that crunches the last free bit from your data, but takes twice to ten times longer for compressing and - even worse - for extracting your data probably will not work for you - or your customers.

On the other hand, a compression tool that deflates your files as quick as lightning but leaves a lot of "air" in the compressed file will not take you far either.


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