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PHP is useful tool for HTML development, and this particular update comes with a number of key improvements over previous versions. As is generally the case with development utilities, PHP is not suited to vastly inexperienced users, and the wealth of features and intricate menu system will likely leave first timers overwhelmed. One benefit of such a steep learning curve is that PHP is capable of some advanced programming functions, ensuring that in the right hands, this is an very powerful tool. This version’s main improvements focus on stability and debugging, and while it isn’t bug free, it certainly is a move in the right direction. It is important to bear in mind however that this isn’t the latest release of this particular piece of software and at the time of writing an updated version was available. While it is recommended that users keep their software up to date, PHP is still a solid, versatile application for HTML programming.

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PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Version 5 Features:

-The Zend Engine II with a new object model and dozens of new features
-XML support has been completely redone in PHP 5, all extensions are now focused around the excellent libxml2 library
-A new MySQL extension named MySQLi for developers using MySQL 4.1 and later
-SQLite has been bundled with PHP
-A brand new built-in SOAP extension for interoperability with Web Services
-A new SimpleXML extension for easily accessing and manipulating XML as PHP objects
-Streams have been greatly improved, including the ability to access low-level socket operations on streams

PHP is supported in FreeBSD, Linux, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2000

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