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LimeWire is another established, well supported file sharing tool that offers outstanding performance and functionality. Download speeds are good for the most part, and all of the features one would expect, such as a media player, multiple downloads and file queuing, are present. LimeWire offers incredible accessibility with its colourful, user friendly interface and comprehensive help system, and even features a handy tip-of-the-day pop up which will provide useful advice for taking full advantage of this powerful application. Another noteworthy feature is the absence of any spyware, adware or pop-ups which tend to plague programs of this nature, which makes using LimeWire an absolute pleasure. On a more negative note, the application does not feature as many file download options as other popular P2P clients, but this isn’t a huge issue and most searches do produce at least a few results. Overall, LimeWire is an exceptional P2P application, and a serious contender for top spot in the genre.

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Lime Wire LLC is dedicated to building advanced file-sharing client/server software which will connect computing devices over public and private networks.

Our team of developers hails from some of the world's most highly-regarded academic and professional institutions, such as Columbia, Brown, Stanford, and NYU and Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, CIBC Oppenheimer, and Compaq.

Lime Wire LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lime Group, a technology incubator based in downtown New York City.


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