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Free Thunderbird 0.5 Download


Review by FileBEAST's DrNorris

Thunderbird was created by the same chaps who made Firefox, so there is no doubt that this is a quality product. Most of the functions that Outlook has, Thunderbird incorporates as well. Different skins can be applied to Thunderbird for a visual effect, there is a spellchecker and templates for work emails. Thunderbird is a fantastic mailer for your windows pc

Thunderbird 0.5 - Info

Thunderbird 0.5 is a free mail client developed by Mozilla.

Thunderbird 0.5 has amazing features, one of the most impressive being its junk mail filter where the program analyzes your mail and filters out the junk into its own folder, or deletes them straight away.

Thunderbird 0.5 also provides government grade security levels with encryption and digital signing.

Other features are: HTML mail support. quicksearch, smart address book, advanced mail filtering, receipts, import tools and more.

With cosmetic features such as skin changing and a nice and easy GUI to view your mail through, along with its behind the scenes quality features this is an excellent choice and another great piece of software from Mozilla.


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