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Free Yet Another Homebrew Pack Download


This is a fantastic game pack for your PSP. Yet Another Homebrew Pack includes plenty of the latest and greatest homebrew titles, so instead of having to download them, you can simply load up Yet Another Homebrew Pack and enjoy the simple convince of having it all in one place. Yet Another Homebrew Pack includes beats of rage, Doom-PSP, a genesis emulator, Neo Geo Emulator, PONG and even Tetris to keep your puzzling side going strong. This is a fantastic pack and is well worth the download.

Yet Another Homebrew Pack - Info

- Beats of Rage v001 (Homebrew Beat em up)
- Doom-PSP v0.04u1 (Port of the DOOM/DOOMII engine to PSP)
- RIN v1.32 (GBC Emulator)
- PSPGenesis v0.18 (Genesis/Megadrive Emulator)
- PSP GO v0.6 (Chinese strategy board game)
- fMSX v0.62b+ (MSX Emulator)
- NeoCDPSP v0.5u4 (Neo Geo CD Emulator)
- NesterJ v1.07 (NES Emulator)
- HUE v0.6 beta (PC Engine/Turbo GFX Emulator)
- Polygon v0.3 (Homebrew Puzzle Game)
- PONG v0.3.1 (Homebrew PONG port)
- Snes9xTYL v0.2c (SNES Emulator)
- TetrisPSP v1.1 (Homebrew Puzzle Game)


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