2.00 Firmware Update Free Download & Review

Mobile » Gaming Consoles | 1 2 | 26 Feb 2010 | Homebrew | 15.92 MB | Created by Mira SoftWare

Free 2.00 Firmware Update Download


If your PSP is currently on version 1.5 and you are looking for the latest firmware, then download the 2.00 Firmware Update directly onto your PSP and begin upgrading the software of your much loved device. Many utilities are now enhanced or otherwise upgraded and version 2.00 even comes with an internet browser. Other options include better codec support and the option to listen to internet radio. Download the 2.00 Firmware Update for your PSP and begin to unlock its true potential. Warning: do not install this over a later version.

2.00 Firmware Update - Info

Firmware version 2.00. Place in your PSP\GAME\UPDATE folder to run


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Operating System(s): PSP

Size: 15.92 MB

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