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Duck Hunt is fantastic version of the classic shooter, which appeared on the NES so many years ago. This game is all about shooting ducks and cursing the dog who laughs at you. Download Duck Hunt to your PSP and one quick install later, your PSP is the centre of cool shooting action! I love Duck Hunt and it works perfectly on the widescreen of the PSP. The controls are as smooth as ever, with various updates to the classic Duck Hunt action. Three modes of play ensure that you never grow bored.

Duck Hunt - Info

Duck Hunt remake for the PSP, is it's written in LUA it requires the Lua-Player for PSP.

- 30 levels are playable MODE A / MODE B / MODE C.
- Ducks get faster with each level.
- BUGFix--shots have a delay now - no more shooting all ammo at once.
- Duck Falls 3x faster (AndrewMP requested).
- 4 more images added to clays flying animation (Thx XteticX).
- Added an options menu.
- Exploding Ducks on/off in Options menu(Jer420 requested).
- Change Analog speed in Options menu (XteticX requested).
- Change Digital speed in Options menu (XteticX requested).
- Analog/Digital both work sametime ingame (XteticX requested).
- New Shotgun Sounds (Dan requested).
- Can shoot the dog when he laughs (everyone requested).
- Dog Shot FaceB (MADE BY MAIcrosof).
- Pause in any GAME MODE (Dan requested).
- Select end game / back to menu (Dan requested).


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Operating System(s): PSP

Size: 1.1 MB

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