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The EBOOT loader is more than a mere programming utility. The EBOOT loader allows you to run homebrew games [and full games, naughty naughty] on your PSP. Download and install the EBOOT loader and upload your zip files to a specific folder on your PSP. Magically enough, files will appear on your PSP and you can run them at your discretion. You can run a whole host of applications, from ROMS to Emulators to cooking books! The EBOOT loader is your gateway to a better PSP.

EBOOT loader - Info

This is a tool to run homebrew EBOOT programs on your v2.0 PSP. It will not run on any other firmware version.

It's very much work in progress, but can load quite a lot of existing EBOOTs. You can see a list of the test results for the current release here.

To use it, download the zip file here and unzip it into the root folder of a memory stick, and use the PSP photo viewer to open the "EBOOT loader 08" folder.


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Operating System(s): PSP - Firmware 2.00

Size: 636.6 KB

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