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Free Email Client Download


Email Client is a standard mail utility for your PSP. Download and manage all of your mail on your PSP with this perfectly formed application. Simply enter your IP information into the configuration screen and edit the SERVER.INI text to include your mailing information and Email Client should work perfectly. I say should because Email Client is still deeply rooted in its beta mode and is very plain and standard and does not come with many or any additional features. Download Email Client only if you are looking for the most basic of applications.

Email Client - Info

PSP E-Mail Client v0.01. This is similar to Curly’s PSPPOP Email Checker, except you can change the background in E-Mail Client. Features in this release include:

Change the settings of SERVER.INI according to your own environment

The content is:
Line #1: DNS server IP address
Line #2: PSP server domain name
Line #3: mail user account
Line #4: mail user password

Yahoo mail is confirmed to be working
Please add the return code at the end of every line in SERVER.INI.
The file was saved using [LF] in Linux.
When opened in Windows notepad, the return code is displayed as "¡ü".
Please don't delete them while editing the file

How to use
1) Start
2) Display current directory (For testing purpose. Forgot to hide it)
3) Display the information in SERVER.INI. The password is not shown.
4) If there are not 3 lines, some errors must be in the INI file. Edit it to correct the file.
5) Download the mail. Free space on MS is required.
6) Can download up to 15 mails.
7) Select the mail using Up and Down on D-Pad.
Circle to select the highlighted mail.
Left and right on D-Pad for page up/down.
8) Press Select button after reading a mail.
9) Quit using Home button.


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