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Mobile » Gaming Consoles | 1 2 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 5 kB | Created by Waresoft Software

Free Onscreen Keyboard Download


Have you been looking for a miscellaneous application to add keyboard functionality to your PSP homebrew applications? Then download the Onscreen Keyboard and add this cool piece of coding to your own projects for hassle-free keyboard support. The concept is simple, Onscreen Keyboard code displays a 3X3 grid of QWERTY keys and you select the corresponding letter easily with your keypad. The process s very fast and Onscreen Keyboard will undoubtedly speed up the development of any project. The code is written in Lua and is free to use.

Onscreen Keyboard - Info

This on-screen QWERTY keyboard is divided into 7 blocks, each one with a square shape, containing 3x3=9 on-screen buttons. The first keystroke selects such a block,
while the second one does choose one of the nine chars inside this block.

Code written in Lua, one easily add this concept to his own homebrew.


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