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There appear to be mixed feelings when it comes to Laxuis Power – Random Story. The game is a traditional anime-style Japanese RPG in the same vein as console classics such as Final Fantasy and Pokémon. While the depth of the gameplay is admirable, the story is a little too clichéd and the game doesn’t seem to offer anything new or innovative. On top of this, the language is difficult to understand as it wasn’t coded in English to start with and so some translations are a little suspect. Having said this, Laxuis Power – Random Story does offer 100+ hours of play and can be quite entertaining at times, so fans of the genre should definitely give it a chance.

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The first part of the saga, released in May 2002.
Experience 50-100 hours of gameplay in this addictive old school RPG full of quests and secrets.
Rate : 16 years old players and older (some mature content may be unappropriate to younger gamers).


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