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I love my system tweaks. It is the best way to ensure that your system and utilities are looking unique in comparison to the other Windows operating system. Download Actual Window Decorations and begin the digital renovation. Make any window transparent; eliminate toolbar clutter by minimising to the system tray and other incredible features. Actual Window Decorations will configure itself to suit the tastes of any discerning windows user. Have you been wishing to give your PC a Vista like appearance? Then Actual Window Decorations is the way forward.

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Actual Windows Manager integrates and combines all of the great features from five of our award-winning Actual Tools programs: Actual Title Buttons, Actual Transparent Windows, Actual Windows Minimizer, Actual Window Rollup and Actual Windows Guard.

- Actual Transparent Windows allows you to make any window transparent from 0% to 100% rate in Windows 2000/XP. You might want to do this for your Windows taskbar, Winamp, your e-mail program or instant messenger. Transparent Windows is great with Notepad or other accessories where you need to work in one window while looking at another.

- Actual Windows Minimizer eliminates toolbar clutter by letting you minimize any open program to an icon at the screen edge, or to system tray near the clock. This is an ideal solution for browsers, e-mail, audio players or other programs running in the background that you don't want to close.

- Actual Title Buttons allows you to add new "Minimize to Tray," "RollupUnroll," "Stay on Top," and "Make Transparent" buttons to any window title bar. These useful new buttons are as easy to use as the standard Minimize/Restore/Close.

- Actual Window Rollup lets you minimize windows so only title bars remain visible. This is better than minimizing them to icons. You won't have to hunt for the windows you were using!

- Actual Windows Guard will help you automatically minimize certain programs upon startup or open them full screen. It will also help you automatically close annoying pop-ups and other windows you don't want to see. Actual Windows Guard will allow you to "discipline" unruly windows and put your desktop in order.

- And more.

You can add new options to all windows in your system as well as configure every program's windows to different options! Configure any window to suit your tastes!

Actual Windows Manager comes in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and other languages!


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