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Having MP3 files with differing volumes can be incredibly frustrating, as any frequent MP3 user will surely agree. Before, the only solution was to continually adjust the volume on your PC or MP3 player, but now MP3 Gain can be used to make life much simpler. The application basically analyses and automatically adjusts all the MP3 files on your PC to a standardized volume setting, which can be predetermined in the settings menu. MP3 Gain offers excellent performance, managing to standardize file volume in seconds without any noticeable loss in quality. Add to this the fact that the program in very easy to use and comes with no noticeable flaws or stability issues, and you have a tool that deserves a place in any MP3 users software collection.

MP3 Gain - Info

Mp3 Gain is a very usefull little program. It will analyze all your mp3's to determine their loudness.

It then sets all the mp3s to the same volume with out losing any quality so you will never have to adjust the volume when a really loud or soft song is playing


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