PDA PacMan Game Pack Free Download & Review

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Free PDA PacMan Game Pack Download


Your pocket PC must prepare itself for a mobile games explosion! PDA PacMan Game Pack is a must download title which encompasses all of the fun of the arcade hit, plus includes a few extras as well. The goal of PacMan is at once simple and wholly complex. You need to navigate a maze, gobbling dots and avoiding ghosts. Eat the shining yellow pill to become the uber-Pacman and you can then chase the ghost’s yourself. PDA PacMan Game Pack comes with Ms Pacman, Jnr Pacman and Pacman Orginal. Get PDA PacMan Game Pack, today.

PDA PacMan Game Pack - Info

If you own a Pocket Pc then the Pacman Game Pack is definitely for you. It will keep you entertained for hours.


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