Freeware Downloads - A to Z

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Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is a popular mail application for windows. Size: 4.4 MB Path: Internet | Network » Email

Pegasus Mail Free Download


PHP is a versatile, multipurpose application designed for web development. Size: 7.5 MB Path: Programming | Development » Compile/Debug

PHP Free Download


PhpMyAdmin is a powerful tool for creating and managing mySQL databases. Size: 1.8 MB Path: Programming | Development » Database

PhpMyAdmin Free Download


Pixie is a tiny colour picking and mouse tracking utility. Size: 64 KB Path: Multimedia » Image Editing

Pixie Free Download


PIXresizer is a great tool for adjusting image sizes on the fly. Size: 2.16 MB Path: Multimedia » Image Editing

PIXresizer Free Download

Pocket Quake 0.062

A version of Quake that runs on your Pocket PC Size: 245 KB Path: Mobile » Pocket PC

Pocket Quake 0.062 Free Download

Pocket Worm

A fun snake type game similar to the one found on cell phones Size: 602 KB Path: Mobile » Pocket PC

Pocket Worm Free Download

Powerful Cookies 1.0

Powerful Cookies keeps your information secure and private. Size: 206 KB Path: Internet | Network » Online Privacy

Powerful Cookies 1.0 Free Download