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Nothing beats an Arcade game for pure, mindless enjoyment. Story rarely matters, only the destruction of ship after ship, or a karate kick to your opponents face. Street Fighter 2, Raiden and Outrun are classic examples of the very best arcade titles. The evolution of technology means that yesterdays classics look and run even better on your computer and no coins are needed once the dreaded 'Game Over' flashes on your screen.

PacMan Adventures 3D 2.04a

PacMan Adventures 3D is a modern remake of classic arcade game Pac Man with real 3D scene and splendid music. Size: 2.38MB Path: Games » Arcade

PacMan Adventures 3D Free Download


PacMonster is a reworking of everyone's hero, Pacman. Size: 2.16 MB Path: Games » Arcade

PacMonster Free Download

Puzzles 1.00.23

Puzzles is the computer version of wooden inset puzzles. Each puzzle has 4 to 12 pieces to insert into their appropriate holes. Children will learn matching and memory skills as they solve each puzzle. Published by Dataware. Size: 2.76MB Path: Games » Arcade

Puzzles Free Download

Rally Cross

Rally Cross provides hours of old-school fun. Size: 1.38 MB Path: Games » Arcade

Rally Cross Free Download


RealArcade is your centre for downloading the hottest titles. Size: 208 KB Path: Games » Arcade

RealArcade Free Download

Retro Game Pack 1.00.02

The Retro Game Pack is a collection of 9 classic games from the early days of Dataware (Ant Attack, Find the Flag, Fire Fighter, Letter Drop, Letter Drop 2, Sliding Puzzle, Stamp Pad, Supernova, and the original Winged Warrior). Size: 1.92MB Path: Games » Arcade

Retro Game Pack Free Download

Snow Patrol 1

Extremely fun snowball strike game. Size: 8.71 MB Path: Games » Arcade

Snow Patrol Free Download

South Park Super Mario Brothers

A South Park themed Super Mario Brothers Size: 1.2 MB Path: Games » Arcade

South Park Super Mario Brothers Free Download