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Screensavers used to serve a very useful function. On ancient, monochrome displays screensavers would prevent image burn in, wiping the text from the screen and saving on replacing monitors. Screensavers of are still multipurpose. They chiefly provide visual stimuli with dancing loops or flying toasters and secondly, they can be password enabled. This allows your screensaver to automatically kick in after a certain period of time, allowing only the person with knowledge of the password to access the computer.

BritneyDesk 3.1

Britney Spears desktop wallpaper changer Size: 2.1 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

BritneyDesk 3.1 Free Download

Dancing Baby Screen Saver

A screensaver of the well kown dancing baby Size: 230 KB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Dancing Baby Screen Saver Free Download

Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver

Would you like to escape to the ocean depths? Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver takes you to the bottom of the aquatic world. The soothing movement of the dolphin and the calming sound of the waves help you to relax after a busy day. Size: 1.66MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Dolphin Aqua Life 3D Screensaver Free Download

Dolphin Paradise 2.0

A screensaver where dolphins swim among tropical fish Size: 2.96 MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Dolphin Paradise 2.0 Free Download

Fairy Christmas Day 3D Screensaver 1

This screensaver will beautify your desktop with fairy views of a snowy forest with Santa's workshop in the middle. You'll hear joyful music, see colorful fireworks and play a fun little game where you can help Santa save his gifts from evil gnomes. Size: 11.15MB Path: Desktop » Screensavers

Fairy Christmas Day 3D Screensaver Free Download